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Music Notation

Have you written a great song but don't know how to turn it into sheet music so other musicians or vocalists can perform your song? It's also better to have real sheet music for copyright purposes instead of just a lyric sheet! We can help! Give us a recording of your song and the lyrics and we will transform it for you into professional-quality sheet music! Rates are $10 per hour plus $10 per page. The "average" song usually runs between $35-$55 for a "lead sheet" (melody line with lyrics plus chord symbols). If the song is really complex (or if you would like a piano part arranged), it will cost more. After we've listened to your recording, we can give you a better estimate of the total cost. (NOTE: If you do have a hand-written draft of your song in sheet music form but would like it done professionally, the chart is then $5 per hour plus $10 per page.) We can also transpose your song to another key at any time.